Dee Ess Bath Fittings


Q: What does the 5 year warranty covers for DEE ESS Tapware?

A: This warranty covers parts and labour for goods, which are defective through faulty workmanship or materials for 5 years from the date of purchase. Dee Ess Tap ware has Dealers in almost all regions of India. Where a product fails within the 5 year warranty period a service call will be booked. The required parts will be shipped to the Dealer in your area. The dealer will contact you to arrange a suitable time to carry necessary works.

Q: Are Dee Ess Tapware products made in India?

A: DEE ESS Tap ware manufacturing facilities are located in Ludhiana ,Near to Chandigarh, the biggest market of Asia  where almost all the tap ware and bathroom accessories are manufactured.

Q: What materials DEE ESS Tap ware products made from?

A: DEE ESS products consist of solid brass components, which are made from dezincified resistant (DR) brass. DR brass ensures the zinc component does not "leach out" of the metal when it comes into contact with the water. Imported tapware from china usually does not always meet this requirement.

Q: What warranty is on gold plating?

A: All gold plated products of Dee Ess is covered by the 3 year warranty. The gold plating done is of 24 carat and after electroplating it is plated with a clear lacquer for better quality. The lacquer provides a harder-wearing surface than gold.

Q: What should I clean my tapware and accessories with?

A: All tapware and accessories (whether plated or powder coated) should only be cleaned with mild soapy water and a soft cloth. Under no circumstances should abrasive cleaning products (i.e. mould/mildew removers) be used.

Q: Are ceramic discs available with DEE ESS Tapware products?

A: All Dee Ess Tap ware can be fitted with ╝ turn ceramic discs at an additional cost.

Q: Can we purchase tapware & accessories or spare parts from DEE ESS Tapware direct?

A: DEE ESS is only manufacture and wholesale its tapware and bath accessories. Products and spare parts can be purchased through dealer distributors supply outlets. A list of dealers in your area is available by emailing or phoning us on.