Dee Ess Bath Fittings


Getting the right set of taps can make a huge difference to the look of your bathrooms. Our extensive range of taps spans from discretely traditional basin mixers to the very best in contemporary design, so there's bound to be something to suit your style. Our range of products are price banded for your convenience based on the price of a modern monobloc basin mixer.

If you seek a collection that will suit practically any style of bathroom at a very affordable price then the DEE ESS brand bath fittings & accessories, is available for you. A truly eclectic look, indeed it is a celebration of all that's best in modern bathroom design.

DEE ESS brand taps are manufactured according to the international and ISI standards with the modern disc technology and faucet fittings........

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Best Motivations
engineering with art

Art is an imagination of mind and heart which makes us to create ravishing designs of bathware products and engineering helps us to bring those imaginations to life and make these products work well and best suited to the customer's pocket.

Quality Control

Our quality control department is manned by specially trained expert staff and each product is subjected to comprehensive inspection and functional checks, Continuous testing of standard models in line with most important Indian and Overseas standards provides the assurance of absolute safety and liability. Every step in the production process is subjected to our rigorous quality assurance system

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Our Product Showcase

Refresh your imagination with a short trip through the Design's in your imagination and drench yourself in the luxury and beauty of some of the finest Bathroom and Kitchen fittings of ‘DEE ESS’. Our product range are as follows:

Classic Range Cubal Range Quadra Range Dyna Range
Ultra Range Elite Range Spectra Range Estilo Range
Kago Range Ecco Range Ecco Super Range Amino Range
Allieds Bath Accessories